Cooking is like love:

it should be entered into with abandon or not at all.

- Harriet van Horne

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My Story

I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico where from the age of five I was following my mother and grandmother into the kitchen. My love for food never stopped growing so I always knew baking would be a career choice for me. I believe food is symbolic because it brings cultures together and it is a common ground and a universal experience. My formal training began at eighteen, when I embarked on a year long trip to Israel. While living abroad, I discovered a true feel for fresh market food. That year also took me all around the world, traveling through Europe, South Africa, Uganda, and India, opening my eyes to the beauty of flavors and vast styles. No matter what part of the world I lived in, the excitement for food only became greater and more exciting.

The following year I was accepted at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, where I received my Bachelors in Baking and Pastry Arts, an intensive four year pastry program. I earned the opportunity to learn from world renowned chefs that taught classes such as, Sugar Showpiece, Chocolate Showpiece, Whimsical Cakes, Wedding Cakes, and Plated Desserts. Many chefs say this business is not for the faint of heart. That theory was tested for me when I moved to London to work for Marcus Wearing, Gordon Ramsey’s right hand man, where the fine dining atmosphere was competitive and extremely fast paced. This experience opened my eyes and helped direct my future career path.

Learning from and experiencing the best is what makes a chef strong and unique. I later worked at top restaurants and five star hotels in Miami, such as, The W Hotel, Corsair By Scott Conant, and the Four Seasons Hotel. Every one of these places helped mold me into the chef I am today, ambitious, creative, and hardworking. The culmination of these events has lead to this new adventure in my life opening my own business, Batters and Batches, where I hope I can make my customers feel the passion I feel and put into my pastries every day.

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